Friday Workout of the Day

Front Squats: Find a 1 RM in 10 minutes
With a partner P1 AMRAP 3 minutes:

5 burpee box overs

5 toes to bar(sub knee raises)

5 KB snatches per arm 53/35(beginners use dumbells)

P2 Rests

Then switch and P2 AMRAPs for 3 minutes while P1 Rests.
Complete a total of 5 rounds each.This is a 30 minute work out with a running clock.


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Happy St Patrick’s Day

St Patty’s Day Sweat Fit!!!Run 100M

17 air squats

Run 100M

17 clapping push ups

Run 100M

17 GHD sit ups (sub ab may sit-ups)

Run 100M

17 cal row

Run 100M

17 wall ball push press 30/20

Run 100M

17 DU

Run 100M

17 double KB deadlifts

Run 100

17 jumping pull ups

Rest 2 min

Beginner Intermediate x 2 Advanced x 3
Finisher “Luck of the Irish”



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Monday Workout of the Day

Fitness: EMOM 15 minutes: (3 rounds)
Minute 1:10 Single Leg KB Deadlifts Right 53/35
Minute 2 10 Single Leg KB Deadlifts Left 53/35
Minute 3 12-15 Dumbell Bench Press
Minute 4: 5-10 supine strict pull ups (add weight if 10 are easy)
Minute 5: 15 reverse crunches

Sport: With a partner alternate 10 rounds of:
1 Power Clean 155/105
2 Front Squats
4 Front Rack Reverse Lunges
5 CTB pull ups Complete a whole round before your partner goes. 1 person works at a time.

Everyone: CrossFit Jackie, 1 round for time: Row 1000M 50 thrusters 45/33 30 pull ups

Congratulations Laura Kahn on winning the Whole Life Challenge!  Great job to everyone!  

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Saturday Workout of the Day

Today marks the last day of the Whole Life Challenge!  Come in and re-test the workout that we did when the challenge began. Hang out after the workout for coffee and donuts. 

8AM and 9AM:
500m row
21 box jumps
12 bodyweight deadlifts

Make sure to use the same height box you used  the last time and the same movement. (Step ups or box jumps)


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Wednesday Workout of the Day

Sport: Hang squat clean, build to a tough single in 12 min.

front squat 8-10 reps + 5-6 Single arm rows HEAVY per arm rest 2 min x 3 +
Four rounds for MAX REPS of
60 seconds of KBS 53/35
Rest 60 seconds
60 seconds of Hand Release Push Ups
Rest 60 seconds
60 seconds of Double Unders
Rest 60 seconds
60 seconds of Box Jump Overs
Rest 60 seconds.

Do this with a partner and when P1 works P2 rests then switch. Record total reps to the board.


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Everyone:Bench Press work up to a heavy single in 12 minutes. 

Run 400 

20 sit ups 

Run 400 

15 DB GTO 35/25 

X 3. 

CrossFit Nate:

AMRAP 20 minutes 

2 Ring Muscle Ups


8 KBS 70/53


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Nice rack! Photo courtesy of Kacie Jo Photography.

Team WOD:

3 Rounds

40 OHS 95/65 

50 Pull Ups

60 Box Jumps

70 Double Unders

400 m run (run together)

This is a two person team workout.  One person works at a time.  Run together.  

P.S. Who's arms are behind Craig? 

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