Saturday’s Workout of the Day

With a partner AMRAP 20 minutes of:
8 strict pull ups
8 box jumps 30/24
12 KBS 70/53
share work anyway.


With a partner 1000M Sled drag push or pull 135/90. Share work anyway.

Bootcamp 8AM:
Run 300m
9 DB Thrusters
9 Push Ups

Rest 5 min

DB Complex 6/arm
Clean and Jerk
Drop Lunge
50 m Waiters Lunges
Repeat on the opposite side”

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Friday’s Workout of the Day

Front Squat – Find a 1RM in 12 minutes.



Deadlifts 225/155 185/135 95/65

Burpees over the barbell

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Thursday’s Workout of the Day

Double Unders
Sit Ups

Rest 5 Min:

“”Death By Shuttle Run””
Minute 1: 10m Run
Minute 2: 20m Run
Minute 3: 30m Run
Keep adding 10 meters as long as you are able.”

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Wednesday’s Workout of the Day

With a partner share 10 rounds of:
100M run
10 Single Arm DB thruster 5/arm 35/25
100M run
15 KBS 53/35


With a partner share 10 rounds of:
100M row
10 lateral hops over paralettes
100M row
15 wall balls”

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Wednesday Workout of the Day

Deadlift, work up to a 1RM IN 15 minutes. 

AMRAP with a running clock for 15 minutes.

1 min for max calories or reps at each station. 

1. Row 

2. Wall Balls 20/14

3. KB SumoDL 70/53

4. Dumbell Bench Press 50/35 

5. Rest.

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Saturday Workout of the Day

In teams of 3 ( advanced) 4 (beginner/intermediate) spend 12 minutes at each station. Station 1: 1 rope climb 12 box jumps 12 kettle bell SDLHP . Station 2: 21 hand release push ups, 21 sit ups, 21 air squats. Station 3: 50m sled drag 135/90 15 KBS 53/35 5 tire flips + 5 tire jumps ( jump in and out to equal 1). Do this Conga line style in which P1 starts the first movement and everyone else waits. When P1 finishes the first movement then he moves to the second and P2 starts. P3 is still waiting until P1 and P2 finish their exercise then everyone advances to the next with P3 starting.Continue adding team members in order and rotate only when EVERYONE HAS FINISHED the exercise they are on.


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Saturday Workout of the Day

In teams of 5, with only one teammate allowed per station, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:Station 1 – 300 Meter Row

Station 2 – 30/15 Push-Ups

Station 3 – 30 Box Jump Overs

Station 4 – 30 Goblet Squats
Workout by CrossFit Invictus


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