Saturday Workout of the Day

In teams of 3 ( advanced) 4 (beginner/intermediate) spend 12 minutes at each station. Station 1: 1 rope climb 12 box jumps 12 kettle bell SDLHP . Station 2: 21 hand release push ups, 21 sit ups, 21 air squats. Station 3: 50m sled drag 135/90 15 KBS 53/35 5 tire flips + 5 tire jumps ( jump in and out to equal 1). Do this Conga line style in which P1 starts the first movement and everyone else waits. When P1 finishes the first movement then he moves to the second and P2 starts. P3 is still waiting until P1 and P2 finish their exercise then everyone advances to the next with P3 starting.Continue adding team members in order and rotate only when EVERYONE HAS FINISHED the exercise they are on.


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