Wednesday WOD



Run 15 K

An alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.

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  1. G-dog…you better start running, we have a tee time to make on Sunday!

  2. Breeze & G-dog – you guys are so mean to each other, but that was really funny. (you know I love you G-dog!)
    I’ll be looking for the alternative WOD or I’ll be running until Sunday, too! PLEASE don’t let it have anything to do with my back, though! I can barely lean towards my phone on my desk without crying out in pain.

  3. On the road in 5
    Oh and Mr. Trego while you are running today with your walkman and your Yanni-Kenny G “mix tape” blaring in your ear, make sure you look over your shoulder every once in a while. You may just see a big yellow school bus heading your way.
    I am just sayin!!!!!

  4. Yay! Can’t wait to run this later this evening!

  5. the alternate WOD was not much better than a 15k, but happily I had BamBam with me. Way to go BamBam after some time off. Sadly, Nitro tore a quad muscle when doing OH lunges on Monday, but he wanted to make sure Breeze didn’t feel responsible, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t:) Good job Tonto – you smoked BamBam and I.

  6. Fun wod today. Double Unders & Muscle Ups. Mu’s seem easier on the white rings b/c the texture is different. We decided to run a mile after for fun!

  7. I am so sore. I think I have rabdo. (although Brad sais “you do NOT have rabdo). Will se you tomorrow.

  8. Gdog nice muscle up today(pullups/dips)and you ran that 15m like you were Hickey FAST!

  9. Just did the 16K run. I should have started it later though cos it was still far too hot outside.
    There better not be a lot of running tomorrow… or I might have to grow a new pair of legs…

  10. The 15k kicked my ass. I hate running. Running sucks. I went downhill fast after the first 4 miles.

  11. JPO Thanks for the wonderful kudos. That is special to me.
    Really need to get those MU’s. 45 Pull ups and 45 dips are getting old.
    Hicky: Why would ANYONE run 15K in this heat???