Wednesday WOD


Welcome Nick!  If today is not your rest day make up a missed workout or come in for a surprise workout.

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  1. Great work out. I am loving these team things! Brad put me on a team with Nick and Hicky. He said it would make me faster. It did not…..
    Great to meet Nick and Matt and glad Hicky is back.If you have not had the pleasure of working out with Nick, it is a real treat. He is an exceptional Crossfitter.
    Have a great time t the cert. Nick.
    LeAnn…you go girl
    It is going to be a fun summer.

  2. I never understood why Gigi hated burpees so much until yesterday. I get it now. If I can make it to 5:15 tonight, I’ll be there – if not I’ll see you guys next week.

  3. Thanks Pebbles.
    You ladies are awesome and it was a pleasure being your teammate.
    See you in a week. Maybe we can play again.
    Kim/Brad… I love your gym!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Pebbles. Just glad I was able to keep up. It’s tough when you’re partnered with the person you gave birth to:) We both loved it!!!

  5. Cuz my boys left me high and dry today I had to do this solo. 17 and change for the “One man show”.
    Apparently the other night I made a clerical error and called Austin…Autism. Sorry about that. Must be working to hard.
    Way too much Autism in my life.
    Sorry again.

  6. Austin M says

    Haha no worries, I had to read it four times to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Impressive time “One Man Show.”

  7. The above comment is form G-dog even though it reads Pebbles. I must have used his computer when I posted this am.
    We are married ya know!

  8. Kim!
    I promise the very same thing. Chuck and I have been trying to make it out there for weeks now! Too bad we are so far apart!

  9. Fun workout today….thanks Austin and Hagler… we are the leaders in the clubhouse.
    Nick…nice meeting you today… it was an honor having you in our facility. Hope to see you again soon.

  10. Today’s workout was fun.. but tough.
    Nick set the pace for our team… I tried to keep up but some of those weights were heavy! Pebbles, you are just strong!
    It was fun working out with you both.