Wednesday WOD


Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Ajay – you got another chocolate milk guy here. Here’s an article from last year about University of Washington football team –

  2. Austin’s top 5 favorite things in the World:
    1. God
    2. Girls/CrossFit
    3. Diet Coke/Deadlifts
    4. Chipolte
    5. The South
    I plan on enjoying all of them today. Except the girls one, I’m pretty sure I am 100% off my game, need to work on that before Cali 😉

  3. Can someone find an article about how Beer, maybe even Blue Moon helps recovery. I would feel much better about my lifestyle! 🙂

  4. jenny.... Jpo says

    Here you go Pebbles!
    Here is a teaser on the article
    Just finished a hard workout? Before you grab a sports drink or water, you should know that researchers from Granada University in Spain say that having a beer may help you hydrate more efficiently.

  5. Very bummed I missed yesterday! Have a sick kitty and we had to visit the vet. Sadly, he’s spending the day there today – they say it’s like a pet spa – I don’t think he agrees.
    I’m going to try and get out early to pick him up and race over to the 6:30 class. I don’t think I can deal with missing 2 days in a row!
    OCD – very good list – the gym will not be the same without you.
    Pebbles – I’ll write an article about the benefits of beer if that will make you feel better!

  6. So much to say…so little space.
    Pebbles your comment brought tears to my eyes. This is just one of the many reasons I love you soooo much. What a woman. She wants beer to help recovery.
    Austin: You opened yourself up with your post. Here is my thoughts on what I think you like best.
    1. God (won’t questions that)
    2. Austin
    3. Watching video of Austin doing 30 MU’s
    4. Taking off shirt for extended periods of time
    5. Looking at CFNF pics of Austin
    6. The thought of living with Jolie for 3 months
    Have a great time in Cali. Going to miss abusing you and trying to come close to your times. Best of luck and come back with some good stories…..if you come back. Have a feeling you might stay.
    OH and Brad if I made a list you would be around 855 right behind eating dirt.

  7. hahahahahaha
    Gdog, once y’all retire after the success of your business venture you should become a stand up comedian.
    Regarding #3…it was 50 MU’s not 30 🙂
    and Brad, top 900 aint bad

  8. You guys are nuts! Thanks for the laugh.
    Austin – where are you off to?

  9. Fremont California to be exact. I guess they call it the “Bay Area.” Its close to San Francisco and San Jose.

  10. that’s my Jpo!
    Nice pic. Xena. Were the boys in today? I am going this evening.

  11. gigi..burpee hater to infinity and Beyond!! says

    ***wiping tears from my eyes***
    You guys are funnier than crap! Breeze…least you are in the top 900 on SOMEONE’S list!!hahahahaha (still little sore about the ass comment)
    Bye Austin…safe travels and have a blast! I’m here in D-world, so I won’t see you for awhile.
    Speaking of that….Pebbles…beer cures all..and what it doesn’t…wine does!:-)
    Pistol…miss you! J-po too!!
    Cheers and ciao!

  12. Gigi Have fun down at the beach! Call or email when you are coming home so you can come visit boots!!!
    Pebbles missed you today:( hope you feel better!!! Try Beer!!! kills all pain!

  13. My back is already killing me! I hate deadlifts!
    Gdog – you are a too funny!

  14. Autsin took everything well and then went out and DL’s only 10lbs less than me 285 Austin 295 GB. He weighs 80-100 lbs less than me. Its not right.
    Shandy is the man at 325…and he could have done more.