Wednesday WOD


For time:
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
60 Sit-ups
70 Burpees

Post time to comments.

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  1. hmmm…shame I am going out of town this am. damn shame, I say. 70 Burpees?…ain’t got nothin on me!
    oh well, maybe next time…
    Good job Omar and Ed yesterday (see pic above) Yes, as it involved running, I came in dead ‘you know what’ last!
    Labor Day special at the new destin house for $100 night if anyone is interested. Small pets welcome 🙂 #43302 (in process of taking more pics)

  2. I did the workout at 6am thinking it would be better starting with the burpees and working backwards. Not so much.

  3. This workout didn’t look so bad until I saw the 70 burpees! I am going to have a very long day of dreading this! When I said it was good to be back, I didn’t really mean it!

  4. Great job 7am group.
    I wish that I could do pullups, HSPUs, and burpees instead of pistols, lunges, and box jumps. The good news is only a few more weeks of rehab until I am back at full speed.

  5. Nice work out. Shoulders say…..”Ouch!” 22 something.
    See ya tomorrow.

  6. Way to Go Brad for doing Murph today. You’re a stud!

  7. Thanks Brad for pushing me to the RX! The band is now in the past … must be the newly painted bars that helped!

  8. My pleasure Squid! I did 100 pullups and not even a scratch on my hands…the painted bars may be the answer.

  9. Big Ed you are the king of body weight exercises. Great job. That workout was especially hard after “Murph” yesterday!
    Good job this evening everyone!

  10. I second that Big Ed. You were on fire tonight.
    Autisn nice butterfly pulups. Pegalicious great to see you.
    Peaches-Jpo you were my inspiration and Miguel we will get that handshake thing down soon.
    Nice 46 on Murph today Breeze.

  11. Awesome performance from Big Ed tonight. He finished in 12 and change. I think it’s high time he does HSPU on the parrelette bars! OCD you beat me by 15 seconds! well done! Breeze got his ass Murphed today and finished with an incredible time of 46 and change. See ya’ll tomorrow!

  12. Thanks guys, I just got lucky having the WOD include HSPUs. Austin, I need to get with you so you can help me with those butterfly PUs. I think I speak for everyone in saying 70 Burpees sucked ass. I definately need to do Murph soon. By the way, anyone up for having a CFNF night out at Slice one of these weekend nights?

  13. Yeah Gdog I think that might have been the most uncomfortable hand shake I have ever seen in my life. You both literally changed hang positions 8 times. I am almost in tears laughing remembering it.
    Whenever you have some time just let me know ed and we will work on that butterfly kip.
    Interested to see what tomorrow’s rest day WOD is gonna be.

  14. Well, didn’t make it tonight – my husband bag was stolen (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) so I had to go across town and get him… Did my own version at home and yes, 70 burpees suck!!!
    Going out of town on Friday and have a parent night tomorrow, so I guess I won’t see you guys till Tuesday. Happy Labor Day!