Wednesday WOD



Deadlift 1 1/2 bw

Bench Press bw

Clean 3/4 bw

Do 10 sets starting with 10 and then continue to 1.  Post time to comments.

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  1. Christy.....aka Pebbles says

    POWER DAY!!!…Sherri… Get In There. I feel my ASS getting kicked already!Had fun this AM. Great Job Eve. See you Friday.

  2. Whew…seemed easier on paper! BTW..before I change my mind…need a little, just a little more weight Kimbo on the Dlifts and also the bpress. I know I will regret those words…but there out.
    And…for those still at the office like me…heard it was snowing….yippeee!!!

  3. Kim the Pistol says

    I thought those dls were a little light! The bp will have to wait until our lonely 30 lb dumbbell has a mate 🙁 See you 2morrow or Friday!

  4. Now that was FUN!!!!

  5. Sorry I couldn’t make it today..had clients til right at 1. Christy, way to represent! Although, not thrilled that BW has to be the determining factor..uggh. I probably won’t be in til next week. DID THE MONKEY BARS MAKE AN APPEARANCE YET?? Need website for the rings, please, Pistol.