Wednesday – Rest Day


If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.

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  1. looks like I would have gotten beaten somethin good yesterday, took me 16:54 to finish the workout. I did 10-20-20 so I did just a few more box jumps but still would have gotten smoked. I will be back tomorrow night and hope to stop by on Friday at the 4:30 time slot. lookin forward to seeing anyone who has not already gone to happy hour.
    I did PR yesterday on the dead lift (did it about an hour before the christineish workout) with 315. Its really cool to have 3 45lb plates on each side. makes you feel like a bad ass.
    and after all that I got suckered into doing elizabeth (21-15-9 of 135 lb squat cleans and ring dips) 3 WOD’s in 3 hours…I am hurtin like hell.
    hope everyone did well at the workout today!

  2. Wow,,good looking crew in the pic. So many new faces. Looking forward to meeting you all. Maybe I will see you Saturday. I have not been able to participate in a Saturday work out in weeks. Looking forward to it.
    Looking forward to seeing what’s on the board for tomorrow. Hoping my legs will feel better.
    See ya tomorrow.