Wednesday – Open Gym 12:30 to 3:30!

ParkinglotOnce again, morning classes have been canceled.  Check for updates to see if a lunch class is an option.  It's going to be very cold but the sun is supposed to come out so maybe we'll get lucky! Need a home wod?  Try 100 burpees!

DSC_0010 Happy Birthday, Breeze!


We are heading to the gym around 11:00 to sledgehammer the parking area and the hill.  Feel free to join us if you feel like you have to get out.  Take note though, we will be parking at the Fidelity Bank and walking down.  We will not park in our own parking lot.  If all goes well we will have Open Gym after.   Stay tuned.

Open Gym 12:30 to 3:30, make up a missed workout or make up your own!

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  1. oh the irony of that abandoned zamboni in the corner of the parking lot… this could be its one time to shine.

  2. Happy Birthday Breeze!

  3. A very astute observation. Quite clever really.

  4. Happy Birthday Brad.

  5. Happy birthday, Brad!

  6. Happy Birthday Brad!
    Hope to see you guys at lunch…if not then 100Burpees might be an option. Did Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and air squats last night 50-40-30-20-10. More difficult than anticipated.

  7. Happy Birthday Brad! Where is that sun??? Monday is MLK so the kids are out again!

  8. Happy B-Day Breeze, Please do not let the sun fool you! The boxs’ parking lot is a sheet of ice, along with Hembree Pl., Hembree Parkway. Ga. Hwy 92 is also a sheet of ice, east bound traffic is shut down at the intersection of 92 and Great Oaks Ln. Henbree Rd. at the bridge is a bad also. Sooo Slip Slide Away!!!! 11 degrees wind chill

  9. Can we zamboni the back parking lot?

  10. happy birthday brad

  11. happy birthday. don’t slip while swinging those hammers.

  12. Decided against it in the end and did the following:
    3rnds for time:
    20 box jumps (read: cooler on top of old reebok step box = 22 1/2″ – bit dodgy in terms of stability)
    10 Burpees
    15 front squats (100lb bag of quickrete)
    600m run (between patches of ice – only went down once. Neighbors probably got a good laugh LOL!)
    Missing the lifting, but aim to be back in tomorrow. Liked the look of yesterday’s and today’s WOD.

  13. Happy B-day Brad!

  14. I will be at the gym today at 5:30pm. Come get some.

  15. did you not leave?

  16. Happy Birthday, Brad! Hope you eat tons of sheet cake! We really miss you guys, the 8:30 girls, and the snow and ice. Ha! Believe it or not, Joe has been going to Crossfit Grit. Who would have imagined? Stay warm and give Otis and Max pats and treats from me.

  17. i miss the gym! my apt is not big enough or soundproof enough for me to do handstand pushups. in hindsight, those were a poor choice of exercises in a DIY wod. i may have to try my apartment gym in a bit.

  18. well done!

  19. thanks for opening the gym for Jenny and I tonight