Strength Bias Rest Day.  CFNF Alt WOD:

15min AMRAP

Max Push Ups – 100m Run

WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football

*******Weekend Schedule Update*********

No classes this Saturday or Sunday.  We will be closed and attending the Rumble at the Rock at the Georgia Sectionals for the CrossFit Games in Stone Mountain.  Go CrossFit North Fulton!


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  1. Funny…i did this one last night. Underestimated it. FRIED myself on the first set of pushups.

  2. Lt. Dan….. looks like you are going to make that bar your biatch!!!

  3. I was wondering if anyone could explain how this WOD is scored. Is it based upon a number of rounds or number of push ups or both? Thanks.

  4. Both, Brad wrote down the total number of push ups we did and the total number of sprints we did. According to all the guys in the 6am class, there’s strategy involved. But in the end, you start doing push ups and when your arms give out, you go run, over and over and over again:)

  5. That’s a face of determination. Kudos to Lt. Dan who added almost 30 lbs to his back squat PR

  6. Yeah, there’s some strategy involved…wait til your 3 minutes in and your arms are shaking already! Good to meet you guys this morning – thanks for the warm welcome. I completed 16 or 17 rounds – can’t remember which, and 144 pushups.

  7. Michael, you were awesome! You actually sprinted! And don’t pay attention to Doc, he’s all talk! (he is a preacher after all:) Welcome to 6am! -Xena

  8. Great to have you at CFNF Michael! You did awesome this am!