HQ Rest Day.


1 X 5 (Increase you set by 5lbs from last week)


Met Con:

Complete 5 rounds:

Handstand Hold – 30 seconds
Max Handstand Push Ups
Static Pull Up Hold – 30 seconds
Max Strict Pull Ups
Hold Top of Ring Dip – 30 seconds
Max Ring Dips

*Perform isometric hold for 30 seconds, kick down, shake out your hands and perform max reps of given exercise.

*This is not for time.

Post total reps completed to comments. WOD courtesy of CrossFit Football.


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  1. I think these should be in a WOD

  2. All for it DJ. Come on in and demonstrate it for us.

  3. DL 265 X 4 plus 1.
    My goal is 300 by year end.
    Today’s WOD looked like great fun but I did some O-lifting. I fell on a couple snatches and I always fall on my RIGHT BUTT CHEEK. My left one must be lose. I just don’t feel that.

  4. ya… G-dog was struggling with his left butt cheek contracting during his squats. He did get 155×5 today even with a loose butt cheek.

  5. Ummm, how do you know he’s loose?

  6. I would.. but I have a shoulder injury… remember 😉

  7. andy reckles says

    155 for 5. Way to go G-dog…putting up big numbers man. Great job.

  8. Is it not possible to see a loose butt cheek?

  9. Ed if you would spend more time at the Gym you would understand. Real trainers know every part of their clients body….Bostic really knows my cheeks.
    Andy I really appreciate the props. I have been working hard for 3 years and have seen significant gains. I have started a blog if you want to learn my training tips and diet plans.