Congratulations Diane and Ed on your engagement!

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board!

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  1. Ed and the folks at CFNF…. THANKS very much for hosting us last night for the final WOD of the day! We own and run CrossFit Malibu in Los Angeles and are traveling by RV thru the South visiting CrossFit boxes along the way and you were our first stop. And hopefully we have as good of a time other places at we did with you. We are making daily blog reports of our trip on our site check in with us for the next 12 days! Thanks to Ed for his hospitality and all the great suggestions of places to go next. Congrats on your . Thanks again.. AND if you ever find yourself in LA… look up CrossFit Malibu- come do a WOD and we can take you out for a surf, paddle or hike!

  2. Congratulations Ed and Diane. That’s a very beautiful picture.

  3. Congrats again! Very happy for you!

  4. Ed, I’m so happy for you guys…you most definitely make a beautiful couple together!!! Best for all the planning ahead!!!

  5. Big congrats!

  6. Murph beware of those Nebraska people at the wedding…they can get a little out of control. Congrats!!

  7. Back squatted today with Doc Malucci. Skipped the WoD
    cause G dog and I are heading to Reynolds Plantation 🙂
    Just wanted to say thanks to Pistol for helping get
    into my new LuLu sports bra G gave me for Christmas!

  8. Hey Ed it is Ivey! Congrats I am so happy for you. You guys look great together! Happy New Year!

  9. Wow, Ed, what a beautiful picture of you, two. Congratulations on your engagement.