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  1. “If you build it, they will come.” I think we set a record yesterday….”69″ people completed that brutal WOD yesterday! Well done CFNF!
    Up Yours G-dog…and you too Bostic!

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! hoping to make up Roy tomorrow…..GND…you interested??? I will be at the 12:30 class…:)

  3. ANNIE!!!!!!!!!

  4. After 7 months…back, shoulder and hip injury …finally back to my old Annie times:)
    Must be the trainer:) Thanks GND!

  5. What’s that supposed to mean? To think I was about to start calling you “gust” (a strong Breeze)..

  6. How bout “Sneeze”?

  7. Maybe it was your partner in crime – Xena! JPo and I are a good team, she’s the pace car and I follow closely behind . . . . Thanks, GND, mainly for putting up with Doc this morning:)

  8. I’ve been out too- Wanna do Angie or FGB?

  9. Great Oly class today with Bostic, Martine, Katie and Jacob! One snatch on the minute for 20 minutes. Bostic loves snatches!

  10. hey hagler! sorry i missed you at the gym today; i was there super early. if you did roy, you probably beat me because i suffered through that one, slowly. hope to see you sometime later this week!

  11. great times at the gym today; i got to watch the early morning classes dominate annie (especially JPo) and i really liked doing the oly class for a change of pace.

  12. Campbell says

    Still haven’t seen the new digs. Shooting for tomorrow.

  13. Wait till you see campbell…..amazing!!!