DSC_0115 Meatball jerked 175!  Nice!

3 Rounds:

50 Double Unders

10 Clean & Jerks 135/95

20 Toe to Bar

Post time to comments.

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  1. Meatball is smoking!!!! Great work Meatball…:)

  2. bsawkins says

    Wanted to put the picture in context given the effort Meatball expended on Tuesday. Like the whole team she was phenomenal.
    Not only did she best a SouthEast regional athlete by out-jerking here by a clear five pounds, she then set about the 15 min AMRAP and was a part of a 17 round effort including completing (shortly before the pic was taken) 24 straight burpees without breaking after already having worked for 13+ minutes. The look she gave me, having just finished 12 burpees and expecting to get a rest, when I told her to do another 12 burpees to help the team out, was priceless…if looks could kill, I’d have died on the spot. Top top work!!

  3. Get it meatball. You betta’ jerk!! LOL.

  4. Fun workout…Brittney is a beast on those double unders…The boys did awesome…of course Ben smoked it…but big props to Campbell, Big Ed and Sammy…Jacklyn is on MY tail on the WOD’s lately….5 seconds behind me yesterday and 6 seconds today…AWESOME job!!! Linda…the sole shubert …hard worker that she is….great job on toes to bar…3 down and 2 to go this week…see the usual at lunch? TOM..don’t think I haven’t noticed you missing class!!

  5. my time on today’s WOD …22:09 rx…:)

  6. Great job lunch time crew.
    Thanks Kim for not letting me create a wod (as in create a bear).
    Big shout out to Brittney for her dus.
    HAGs if I can get the pullup, t2b rx then I’d be on your tail. Now I’m just pushing harder. See you Thursday for number 4.

  7. Your right Ben I wanted to kill you about a minute before this pic was taken! Thanks for all the kind words! It helped the team out a lot having you there to cheer us on. Oh and thanks for cleaning my weight ; )