1 X 5


3 Rounds

500m Row

21 Box Jumps

12 Thrusters (45dbs, 30dbs)

Post load to comments.

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  1. who’s that slacker!

  2. little lunch crowd today but great work….my goal was 15 but finished 15:19rx…..baldwin did great…..time to beat!!! see everyone tomorrow at lunch….

  3. Ahh, Hags…..thanks AGAIN…no slight on Baldwin cuz he rocked, but I believe Sammy is the time to beat @ 13:08 Rx
    You must just like pulling my chain 😉

  4. Andrea is not a slacker!

  5. oh yeah…I forgot….you do have the time to beat….sorry…:)

  6. and after that BIG tip u left me last night…..I should have remembered….won’t let it happen again Sammy….

  7. Hags, don’t worry – cuz we’re people 🙂

  8. What is with you people?!
    What do you mean, “you people?”
    What do YOOUUU mean, “you people?!”