CFNF girls night out at the Sneakers and Stilettos Soiree at Lululemon around Lenox.

Photo courtesty of Lululemon Lenox.

HQ Rest day.  

Time trials:

Max Meters Row 3 minutes

Max Burpees 3 minutes

Max Pull Ups 3 minutes

Max Sit Ups 3 minutes

Team up with a partner and count each others reps.  Chest must touch the floor on the burpees, chin must clearly be over the bar for pull ups, elbows must pass knees for sit ups.  Post totals to comments.








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  1. Best wishes to the Bostics. We have enjoyed getting to know your family and watching your successes. Good luck with all your endeavors and please bring us some farm goodies on your visits!

  2. The Bostic’s Rock. I am very sorry to see you guys go, but knowing where you’re going, and why, I am happy for you and for Zion (getting to grow up on a cool). Anytime I’m in your area I’m going to stop by, so be forewarned. All the best

  3. Thanks guys! I hope to see everyone Thurs and Sat this week. And ya you guys come up this summer and we’ll do some farm WOD’s. 3 rounds of dig a whole for that fence pole, and feed that chicken.

  4. Nasty WOD today, one of those that is a lung buster and makes you want to puke. Missed my targets on every one, but only by a few reps, so overall not too disappointed.
    Row = 889meters
    Burpees = 56
    Pull-Up’s = 73
    Sit-Up’s = 90
    Bostic’s let me know once you start selling produce online. Feeding Chickens, now that’s a WOD I could do.

  5. Bostic’s…nice getting to know you. Wish you all the best and I hope y’all come back soon. Bostic do they wear skinny jeans and velcro shoes on your farm??