HQ Rest Day.



5 Rounds

400m run

15 OHS 95/65


Post time to comments.

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  1. Thank you Kim!

  2. ….you mean Brad!

  3. Nice Deadlifts yesterday Boston. You and Xtine are kicking butt in the gym and it shows!

  4. Thank you Brad! Always listening.

  5. David Dyer….what is the website for the paleo chef in alpharetta

  6. I just order from here…this is very exciting!

  7. Workout today was hard but suffered through it…OHS is not my strength…seems like running isn’t either for that matter….:) The lunch crowd had stellar athletes …Ben great job..Sammy did well for being sick…Q is very quick…and Tom always just brings a smile to my face …great job everyone…Spider was Oly lifting but had his eye on me during my OHS’s and kept me moving…thanks..My goal for this workout was 30 minutes and it took me 30:47RX….once I get better at OHS think I can really cut some time..thanks for waiting on me today guys…

  8. David is the last person I would think would have the answer to this question…..Have you seen the way he eats! 🙂

  9. i’ll be in tonight to do this…i may puke…5 rounds?!?

  10. you know that old adage….Those that can DO, those that can’t TEACH…

  11. Hags, good job today, the way you kept going was inspirational and the last five OHS’s really were your best.
    I was a little sore and tired and it showed on the later rounds. 15.43Rx. Definitely think there are one or two in the gym who can go under 15 even on our course. JT is my bet to break 15.

  12. well, you’ll get your name on the board!