Pebblesbeach  We tried to do prison cell burpees, really we did!  It was too cold!  Maybe tomorrow!

HQ WOD:  Run 5k. Alt WOD posted in the gym.


What's with those cherries?

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  1. Alt WOD?

  2. 500 row / 20 wall ball / 30 pushups / 30 situps
    1000 row / 30 wall ball / 50 pushups / 50 situps
    500 row / 10 wall ball / 20 pushups / 20 situps
    I found this one painful this morning.

  3. J.T., great job today! Sheri gutted it out and and it’s great to have the Warrior Queen back in the box.

  4. Good to be back from six days off . . . I think . . . thanks for the shout out Big Ed, and the encouragement this morning . . .JT, I’ll say it again, you’re an animal and Sheri way to push thru it, i feel your pain, sistah!
    Pebbles, what’s with the cherries? Were they marinating in Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka overnight or what?

  5. Max did the 5K today in 30:49- I beat him by a full second at 30:48…Lazy ass dog.

  6. beautiful day for a 5k! you just have to ignore the yellow storm of pollen everywhere. also it’s day 23 of the challenge, be it burpees, double unders, whatever.

  7. Xena remember that contractor you had in the mountains….and that great gift they gave you…welll that is what we soak the cherries in thanks to the kings for providing!

  8. That was a good WOD, Ed. After 5 days off, it was good to get my ass kicked. Thanks Detrick for working out with me! I know I would have been a good deal slower other wise. See ya’ll tomorrow.

  9. Detrick was the only one today to go sub-20:00 minutes. For what it’s worth, Detrick had already done a 5k row for time before he did the alt. WOD with Martine. Sorry Peggy, Martine ended up with the best women’s time today!
    Thanks to Detrick for helping me with my OHS, someday I might be a beast like you.
    I just started a CF Strength Bias training program today and hopefully it will help me get stronger. Thanks to Detrick for timing me on a fat Cindy.
    The programming tomorrow will be up to Heidi and/or Detrick. I’m sure it will be very good.
    Had a great time tonight with Nitro at a pub.
    Take care everyone, Ed.