DSC_0044 We sure enjoyed meeting Samantha yesterday!

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

Friday 4:30 pm class has been permanently moved to 5:00 pm.

Cabi Join the ladies this Sunday @ 2:00pm at Xena's house for a CAbi show!  

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  1. Anyone like to share today’s WOD?

  2. No, not really…anyone else?

  3. sure. AMRAP, 20 Bicep Curls (10 each arm), 30 tricep presses (15 each arm), 40 lat pull downs.

  4. sweet…i have been waiting for curl patrol

  5. maybe it’s walk the runway for time…is this a fashion website?

  6. Way to squelch the dialogue Spider!

  7. I know you won’t post the WOD but… if it’s not strained MCL friendly could you come up with something special for me? FINALLY coming in tonight… limping…

  8. WOW stringer.. you beat Andy to asking what the WOD is.

  9. 10:08 Rx

  10. Great lunch crew despite Ed walking around in his 70’s BIG half shirt and cut off shorty shorts.

  11. soooooo does no response mean I shouldn’t come in? can’t think of many movements that don’t use the MCL myself so if there’s no good subs for the WOD I can go swim laps with the old people

  12. you should be fine with the wod today anna…hope to see you tonite

  13. awesome time Campbell

  14. Good to be back in the gym – rotator cuff issues but @ least able to do strict pull ups and drop instead of ring dips…didn’t hurt too bad. No more butterfly pull-ups for me.
    Ed’s get-up was def a distraction…and not in a good way. I thought Halloween was over