Tuesday WOD



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

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  1. Kim…are you using the green band in this picture?????Must be an OLD pic or you were injured!!
    See ya in a few……..

  2. I worked FRAN today. I am feeling those thrusters right now! My hands are paying the price. Jenny….see you in the AM.

  3. Can you send me a list of times, before I decide to trash talk or not?

  4. G, no trash talk. Cheri, thats Jenny in the picture. Christy, take care of those hands.
    PR’s all over the place today…proof that CrossFit is the best workout on the planet!

  5. Fran…..6:18rx
    Booooo Yaaaaaa

  6. Wow Kim.
    Brad I thought you said no trash talking?
    In that case…Kim let me know when you can touch the ceiling.

  7. I set a personal record for myself today! Thanks Cheri for letting me workout with you! And Christy see you in the AM!!!!!We can start Wednesday off right for everyone!!!!Show them how things are done!

  8. Boooooo Hooooooo, can’t touch the ceiling. Good thing it’s never one the WOD!

  9. on the WOD

  10. G…I told you no trash talking..cuz you got wupped again!

  11. F@#K, S#&T, DAMN…..Nuskin burns like FIRE!!!!!
    Ordered the gymnast glove thingys.

  12. G-(hubby) I give you props. You were throwing up 95lbs like it was nothing. Pull up were looking awesome too.
    Jenny..we’ll show em how it is done tomorrow!!!!

  13. Christy…maybe you should “chalk up” before you put that stuff on!
    G…you did look good on those thrusters!

  14. Thanks Brad. Maybe a little support with me against the wife.
    Remember “Garrett lets work together”?????????