Tuesday – WOD


Marvin Gaye meets Otis.

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  1. Awesome work out. I am feeling those 65# BEARS.
    That work out is Fran on steroids for sure.
    11:30 crew…you guys were kicking butt. I am going to have to make it in at 11:30 soon.
    I drove by to show my Mom the gym. She started the block diet last week and is seeing good results, so the next step is Crossfit. She is a little scared. I told her that is how I feel every day n my way to CFNF!
    Happy Tuesday. See you tomorrow.

  2. It was good to get some perpsective on the punishment we will receive this weekend…
    Props to Kim for joining the 12 minute club in the 11:30 club.
    I liked the 11:30 offering (maybe a preview of something to replace the 12:30????)
    Good to be back in the saddle!

  3. Can’t believe I missed the opportunity to make a comment about the POD (Picture Of the Day)
    Looks like Otis is thinking about some “sexual healing”
    How’s that for a start?

  4. if i woulda done 65# instead of 53 it woulda taken me longer! Luckily I got out of that one! Looks like it’s time to order another bar!

  5. Did you say ‘bar’?! I think it’s time to order another one AT the bar cuz I’m hurtin! Slim Spider with the 95 lbs. was tough for me…glad I pushed through even though Brad and Sammy smoked me. Enjoyed my workout partners today. The 800 m run was the easiest part fo sho.
    Hmmm…Otis and Gay… I mean Gaye. Interesting.