Tuesday WOD



95 lb Thrusters

Pull Ups

95 lb SDHP

Post time to comments.

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  1. Sooooo…what’s the REAL workout today??? Tricked me yesterday…shame shame…paybacks are hell!
    see you shortie, I mean shortly!
    crackin myself up again!

  2. I like the new logo on the site!

  3. Barring any unforseen issues with buildout, we are very close to securing our new home for CrossFit North Fulton!!!!
    Great job today Cheri with that 45 lb bar!!!

  4. What… so you mom and dad are going to have a home for the growing family!woohoo

  5. I want my own room!!!

  6. Cheri…can i come play with you tomorrow at 12:30?