Tuesday – WOD



Three rounds for time.

500 m row
10 BW Deadlift
15 Box Jumps
20 Burpees

Post time to comments.  If you haven’t registered for the Challenge, do it NOW!

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  1. How can I be this sore? I was only out for less than 2 weeks. I have been xfitting for a year and it felt like my first day this morning. Looking forward to a 8:30am class for Tuesaday. I hate 5:45. I am going to get some good sleep this week and clean up my zone again.
    Good job 5:45am crew.

  2. PS…..there is no chalk in the bucket. Only a bug with 1000 legs.

  3. Pebbles,
    Those must be some sort of CIA code words….cause I can’t even begin to imagine what a “1000 legged bug in the chalk” stands for!
    Glad u r back….wish their were a bunch of other things in life that you could take a two week break from and make it feel like your first time again! See Crossfit really is the best.

  4. Welcome back Pebbles. You’ll get back in the swing of things and before you know it you’ll be smokin everyone at DUs and PullUps and everything else you do so well:)
    Well Done 5:45 Club and a special shout out to Cindy who is coming out and doing awesome!!! And don’t worry, we all hate Burpees!!!

  5. Good job to Omar on his 1st day! Hope to see you back at the gym soon.

  6. Ditto on Ed’s comment and kudos to Miguel too that told me next time he needs more burpees!

  7. Miguel can have some of my burpees. Great ot have him and Omar!
    Good job Big Ed & Sammy. Whipped me today…15:29 Rx.

  8. that workout looks fun, gonna do it after the heavy deads from the main site!
    hope everyone is doing well 🙂

  9. Awesome workout today with some new guys in the mix! It was great to meet Omar and Miguel and they were pretty stout 1st day competitors.
    Fun recipe for the workout Miss Kim! Thanks to Bid Ed and Spider for the competition and keeping me on pace. 14:32ish Rx.
    Austin, all are well and me in particular since I can have a hope every now and again of nipping the Spider, Big Ed, Brad or G in a workout and not have to worry about the ridiculous time you posted. Don’t worry, Hicky has taken your place at kicking everyone’s tail though and we are all trying to keep up with her! It’s been fun while it has lasted.

  10. Nice time Sammy! Lightening fast!