Tuesday – Rest Day


Happy 35th Birthday Whit!


Nice box jumps!  Glad to have you back GiGi!  If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come in for a surprise workout.

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  1. Great job morning crew! Thanks Donald for leaving early and forcing me to workout! Team 3 Dwarves beat Team Snow White today by about 30 seconds. Way to go guys & gal (1BB)! That was fun.

  2. P.S. I have time at 8:30am and 11:30 am if anyone wants to come in and workout.

  3. Hey. That was fun. I was so lucky to have two awesome teammates like Sean(grumpy dwarf) and John(sleepy dwarf). You guys did an awesome job. Thanks for all the support.
    Pebbles (Bitchy dwarf)

  4. Happy Bday Whit.
    Sounds like a fun WOD. See you at 5:30
    John thanks for sticking back on the runs and keeping my wife safe this AM. Much appreciated.

  5. For those of you who are becoming Crosfit Freaks like the Butch’s.
    Check this Fran out. Scary. Sammy, Breeze, Sally. We got work to do.

  6. Tough workout!!! My team was spider and pistol so the pressure was on but we worked well together…The surprise is you are going to get your a** kicked!! I had fun and as always thanks for letting me be a part…

  7. The video was awesome….Two minutes and some change..UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! My goal is to do the pullups without the band!! Everyone should check this video out..Hagler

  8. ***gigi*** Over the hill crossfitter says

    Happy B-day Whit!
    Anyone working out this afternoon?

  9. This workout rocked! I struggled a bit today but thank goodness we worked in teams! Team Holy Smoke finished in 36:34! Thanks Spider and Hagler for the motivation!

  10. ***gigi*** Over the hill crossfitter says
  11. So me and breeze (The Gun Show Team) waltzed into CFNF and thought that we would set a record in the WOD.
    Boy were we wrong. Almost met pukie in round two. Thanks Breeze for helping on the OHS.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  12. Fun workout! Harder than we thought…..made a good team G-dog, u rocked the du’s! The 5:30 class did awesome, sure is nice to have gigi back!

  13. sounds like I missed the best day at cfnf yet!
    Either that or the casting call for a fairy tale reality show…..that’ll teach me to travel.