Tuesday – Rest Day


If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come see what’s on the board.   

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  1. Pistol – thanks for this great (tiring) workout. I love (not) the 20 pound ball!!

  2. Agreed! That 20lbs is all the difference. As deeming as the ball was – working out with Hickey getting over 500+ (unreal DUs). I have alot of work ahead of me! Great w/o Hickey and all!

  3. OK, so I do hate Kim & Brad – I’m pretty sure it’s only temporary.
    I think I pulled another muscle in my back yesterday doing thrusters – it seriously hurts to breath, sit, lay, move, raise my right arm… This coupled with my previous back injury and my shredded hands contributes to my hatred of the aforementioned.
    Hated Ones – you may have to come up with a wusy workout for me today.

  4. Kim - CrossFit North Fulton says

    Arent’ those new balls purty! Great job everyone. Hicky, stellar performance as per usual. Big Ed says as soon as he can double under he’s comin after you. Can’t wait to do this one this afternoon.

  5. DUs? Glad my work schedule stopped me from making it today! I will be out running around 7 though. Hope it doesn’t rain too hard.

  6. Kim - CrossFit North Fulton says

    Today’s wod was super fun! Hicky smoked everyone! I tried to catch her but my dubbs in the second round were weak! The 14lb ball really wasn’t any different than the 12! Pebbles you will love this wod!