Tuesday – Morning and Evening Classes Canceled.


Another snow day!  Tuesday morning classes are canceled!  Please check for updates for lunch and evening classes.

*****update******* We are at the gym for the 11:30 class however I strongly urge you to stay home as we are probably going to have to walk home. Alpharetta highway is a mess, service streets are worse. No evening classes.

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  1. you guys gotta open up for lunchtime and afternoon WOD’s. This WOD is too good to miss.

  2. Bubble above TJ’s head
    ” Will these two every shut up??????????

  3. hahahaha.
    Probably true. Kim had to give me the STFU. I was bitching.

  4. For the record I have RX’d both Monday and Tuesday WOD!!!!!

  5. hahahaha!
    Me too. Two kids, a dog and 3 tubes up and down an icy hill 100x. Fun times 🙂

  6. We are going to attempt to drive to the gym and open for lunch. We plan on leaving in about 15 minutes to get there by 11. I will comment on as to whether we make it or not!

  7. Tell me how it is out there!!

  8. I have been in my pajamas for 2 days…:0

  9. Missing being in the gym and today’s looks like a good time, but I’m not going to risk it. I’ll do something here and look to make it in tomorrow instead – assuming I make it into the office also. Enjoy one and all.

  10. I’m gonna head out and see if I can get there too. I can’t sit around here anymore.

  11. We made it to the gym, but then Stanley and us had to get pulled out. Hembree Pkwy and Hembree Place are a sheet of ice. Getting colder…not looking good for tomorrow either.

  12. The forecast is showing NOT to get above freezing until Friday so we are stuck with this ice for a couple days more!