Tuesday – Happy Birthday Miguel, Tom & Sue G!


 That's one hot mamma!  Looking good, Jenny!

5 Rounds:

3 Position Snatch – 115/75 (Floor, Knee, Mid Thigh)

(Sub 5 OHS 135,95)

10 Depth Jumps (step up on box, jump down (forward) & squat)

50ft Crab Walk

10 Pull Ups


Post time to comments.


Happy Birthday, Tom!






DSC_0188 Happy Birthday,

Miguel! (on the right!)





DSC_0090 Happy Birthday, Sue G!

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  1. Happy Birthday Miguel and Tom

  2. Happy Birthday guys!

  3. Happy birthday all

  4. was good to see G-Dog back into the gym yesterday!

  5. Wow – lots of birthdays! Happy birthday everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday Hot Crossfitters!

  7. did he even do anything yesterday? He hung out by his locker and checked himself out in the bathroom mirror the entire time i was there, but i guess that’s expected for G-Dog

  8. Hey Miguel – bring some birthday cake to 5:45!!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday everyone.

  10. Thanks Bostic. Good to be back. Nice to see you care …. or pretend to care.
    JT if you noticed, I was at my locker talking to chicks. Lots and lots of chicks. Probably something that never happened to you.
    Happy Bday everyone. Up yours Breeze.

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. i can verify this.
    happy bday to tom, miguel, and sue!