Tuesday – Happy Birthday, Ed!

Happy Birthday Ed! 

10 Cleans (135,95)

Building run

10 Jerks (135,95)

Building run

10 Clean and Jerks 

Building run

10 Jerks

Building Run

10 Cleans

Post time to comments.

DSCN0663 Congrats to Breeze and Gdog on getting their CrossFit Football certification this weekend!

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  1. andyreckles@aol.com says

    Happy Birthday to the best pound for pound athlete at CFNF (except maybe Pistol)..but you get the drift.
    Have a Great Day.

  2. happy birthday ed. this workout looks fun, if there is such a thing at crossfit

  3. this looks fun…….looking forward to it……

  4. Oh yeah, Happy birthday Ed…
    P.S….happy belated GND…

  5. Woohoo overhead stuff.
    Congrats G-dog and Breeze.
    Happy B-day Ed.

  6. Happy Birthday Ed! A belated happy birthday GND. Good job on the football cert guys!

  7. Happy Birthday Big Ed!

  8. Happy birthday Big Ed!
    Anyone wondering why Gdog looks so well groomed in this photo?

  9. Happy Birthday Ed!
    Congrats to you boyz! So now that you’re football certified, does that mean we have to start doing stadiums and two-a-days?

  10. don’t talk about that…i just had nightmares!

  11. Wooohooo. Fun WOD. Always good to combine something your better at (C and J) with something your not (running).
    I love OH stuff. I think it should be Overhead week!!!! IF not this week then how about in June on my Birthday week????just sayin.

  12. how would that be different form any other photo? Garrett always looks the same.

  13. Happy birthday Big Ed. Looking forward to the WOD today.
    Today’s the 20th by the way. Some say it’s a national holiday.

  14. hey pebbles, where do you buy almond flour again? was it a website? i know i asked you on facebook since you’re a ‘dealer’ but i think i might want to go ahead and buy some. thanks!

  15. nutsonline.com
    25lb box is the way to go. It ends up being 4.30 a lb.
    Im sure some people at the gym would be reay for some if you want to split a bulk. I don’t need any right now though.

  16. thanks!Β  sooo if anyone needs some almond flour, holla back!

  17. I totally agree!!!!…the workout today was hard but fun….my time was 14:22rx….

  18. after that workout…think I will celebrate 4/20 jerry garcia style…..

  19. Fun WOD…7 something RX with band resistance running instead of a bldg run. My theme for the week is “gettin’ better”.
    Happy Birthday Ed

  20. Happy Birthday Big Ed! After weeks of absence, I WILL be in the gym tomorrow! Though my body will surely hate me for it…

  21. Happy Bday Ed!

  22. Happy B’Day Big Ed!

  23. Happy bday big ed, hope you drink lots of beer, and get some time off work! πŸ™‚

  24. Happy B-Day BIg ED!!!!!!!!

  25. 8:54 @ 103 lbs