3 Rounds:

500m row

21 Burpees

400m run

Post time to comments.


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  1. this looks great bcuz only 3 rounds….jacklyn….running!!!!

  2. WOW!! Not cool.

  3. …Uh no. I’m hoping for an alt wod….burpess rowing and running sounds like: “dying on the floor gasping for air while sweating profusely.”

  4. I apologize to the lunch crowd today, I was Joyless Jacklyn.
    Way to go to all.
    You all look great and did great.
    HAGS way to go!! 2 to you.

  5. Jacklyn…cheer up…u always make me proud!

  6. I’m good now just a drag earlier.
    I’m excited just needed some sugar. Thanks for the apple today CFNF!!

  7. Well Said!!!!

  8. mmm….ginger snap lara bars…:) and a banana for me….oh and vitamin water. = lunch for me…Thanks CFNF!