DSCN0406 Yeah, this really happened.

TUESDAY 100406

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090602. 

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  1. Whitknoll@gmail.com says

    Matching Hats
    Thats really cute!!

  2. Stringer says

    Only thing missing from this picture is a pair of skinny jeans!

  3. Brad, all those long days of bicep work have paid off!

  4. Please don’t tell people you Crossfit.

  5. hey all, just fyi – “the whit” is also on the board today:
    run/row 400
    50 squats
    run/row 400
    50 GHD
    run/row 400
    50 pushups
    run/row 400
    50 back extensions
    whit and xena crushed it this morning, as did kathy, joe, and the two sues. i had fun with y’all! hopefully be back later in the 90 degree heat to do this one later today.

  6. looks like fun, see you this afternoon.

  7. I enjoyed “The Whit”, both the man and the WOD:)

  8. This picture was actually taken at night. They are so pale that they reflected all the light from the moon.

  9. Yay – thanks for the alt WOD! What time are you working out Katie?

  10. Wow!

  11. I’m not sure if that’s Garrett or Hercules. I haven’t seen triceps like that since Arnold won his last Mr. Olympia. Incredible definition and size there.

  12. hey peggy! are we actually going to be able to work out at the same time today? i can be there at 5 or 5:30, whichever is better for you.

  13. I’ll be there at 5:30

  14. austinmclean@yahoo.com says

    Notice the beer selection, gdog is going with a negro, brad looks to have a tecate which would both fit the atmosphere of a lovely day at the beach. Then there is shandy…with what I can only presume is Busch Light. Couldn’t open the wallet a little bit wider for a quality beer on vacation big guy?
    Oh and Brad, dip cans aren’t water proof.

  15. Those hats are mega BAMF! No not really, I cant type that with a straight face… Just thought you would enjoy a good acronym while on vacation.

  16. crossfit heaven
    Doin’ the ‘Whit” with Xena and GND leading us