DSC_0022 Looks like you guys are wearing Max out!  Great to see these guys back in the gym!

5 Rounds:

15 Deadlift (225,155)

20 Box Jumps (24 in)

25 KB Swings (53,35)

Post time to comments.


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  1. Thank you for the KB swings instead of pull-ups!!!

  2. DEADLIFTS…..:)

  3. I really liked that WOD when it was over :). The deads were a break for me but the jumping is tough. A blue box with a plate on it is NOT my friend!
    Good to be back in the game. 20 something or 21 something RX. Love those 15 lb plates we got. Gym looks amazing!!!!!
    I am off to TEXAS with G-dog. See you guys Friday!

  4. Texas…Don’t forget your hairspray!

  5. I overslept…..:(
    Sorry I missed the lunch crew….

  6. Stringer says

    checked out the new pics of the gym…can’t wait to start doing some heavy squats out of the power rack! Hit up CF St. Augustine this morning…did some over head squats, pull ups, and sandbag lunges, fun 5:30 WOD!

  7. this WOD is a BEAST! pitcher of coooold beer to anyone who beats my time

  8. i did the same thing! angie wore me OUT.

  9. My Question is how does one oversleep for a 12:30 class?

  10. bsawkins says

    I would have offered the same thing, but that would see me in the hole for one pitcher to you already. LOL! Good work at lunch!
    1 each so far this week, Round 3 tomorrow? Hope to see you there!