DSC_0053 Josh gets his first muscle up!!!


DB Burpee Thrusters

Toe 2 Bar

Ball Slams

Post time to comments.


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  1. Way to go Josh!!

  2. Great picture..Congrats!!

  3. Yay Josh. Your so serious. Just lighten up will ya!
    Be in at 11:30 to WOD today. Bring on the burpee thrusters.

  4. Woohoo Josh!

  5. Nice Josh. Congrats.
    Workout was a nightmare this lunch, couldn’t get any rhthym going. Still Rx’d it with 40lbs, so not too bad. Struggled with the DB Burpee thrusters and the T’s2B, ball slams were a welcome rest. LOL! Day off tomorrow, see you all Thursday.

  6. Awesome split jerks tonight Bostic…..way to keep your butt tight!

  7. Well my left buttcheek felt a little loose.

  8. i almost threw up in my mouth hearing this…