1 Round:

10 Snatch (80% of 1RM), 50 Bar Facing Burpees, 75 Weighted Step Ups (35/20)

1 mile run 

Post time/load/complaints to comments.

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  1. bsawkins says

    Good workout today. Am pleased to have been able to get back into the place. Only the 4th workout in almost two weeks for me including the affiliate challenge. 18.08Rx. Step-ups were a mare.
    Based on the way I am currently feeling, I’ll be in again tomorrow and then we will just see from there how things go.
    You should have all been there to see the sprint finish Breeze and G-Dog put in at the end of the run…’impressive’ is not the word.

  2. Dude, there is no way Breeze and G-Dog are capable of sprinting at the end of a 1 mile run.

  3. Enjoyed tonight’s workout, and seeing everyone there. I forgot how it felt to have breeze’s cold dead eyes looking at you while your working out, half mentally undressing you, half sizing you up to fight. Anyway, apart from it was an awesome workout!