HQ Rest Day.  


Ring Rows


Ball Slams

20 Double Unders at the end of each round


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  1. this looks fun…see everyone at lunch…jacklyn…see u friday!!

  2. I read this and thought HAGS will like this one!! Yep see you then.

  3. I saw this one and thought you’d like it. Yep see you Friday.

  4. harder than I thought…..20;42rx for me…the double unders will be the death of me….spider…sorry i was whining…thanks for pushing me….:)

  5. I feel like it is spot gdog in the photo this week..

  6. OK, ill ask the obvious question no one’s willing to ask!
    Is that a GHD – Or are you just happy to see me?

  7. Oh its a GHD alright…but I’m a human being not a piece of meat! And if it’s wrong to love CFNF so much, I don’t wanna be right.