Tuesday – Happy Birthday Tom Miller!

_DSC2259 Hags rocks the deads in those spooky socks!

Complete 5 rounds of:

5 Hang Power Cleans 155/105 lbs
3 Box Overs w/ 20" box 
50 yard sprint

*Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

*For box overs…set up three 20” boxes 3-4 feet apart. Jump over the first box landing on the other side between the boxes. Immediately bound over the 2nd box and then the 3rd. Once landing on the other side of the 3rd box roll right into the sprint.  

Post total time to comments.  WOD adapted from CrossFit Football.

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  1. typical Jet’s fan…

  2. Thanks for the bday wishes, CFNF team! It was great to join the lunch crowd for a workout and see Ben “That’s crap” Sawkins in action again. Stringer, next time this one comes up, make it a real challenge for yourself and use 32″ boxes.

  3. LOL. That was funny. I used to say that all the time, but they have become fewer and further between as I have improved and realized some of the things I had previously thought weren’t possible, really are.
    Good job lunchtime crew and a Happy Birthday Tom! Stringer killed the HPC’s…nice going big man!
    See you all Thursday.

  4. Really fun WOD today…good work and good times today. See yall tomorrow. 6:55 RX for me.

  5. Great job to Jason, you’ve come a long way bro!