TUESDAY 100601

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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  1. i had a blast yesterday at the 5K! also, bombarding alpha soda for breakfast was a good call.
    i have to say, the morning crowd is pretty awesome – whit killed me in the shoulder press today and xena and robin were right behind him too. great job to campbell, doc, and buzz as well. i might make a habit of joining the 6am group…

  2. Campbell says

    Good way to start the short week.
    145 x 5 shoulder press…failed at 150 (got 3)
    7:06 Rx on the metcon (500M Row, 25 Burpees, 500M row, 25 burpees)

  3. I’m coming in tonight to WOD. The 5K was a good run…rain and all. Nice to see all the participants.Kudos to Millron for running the 10K.
    Started homeschooling Collin this am. SO far so good. This may result in me joining the 6am crowd too!
    Happy Summer everyone.

  4. good work this morning Campbell. you beat me on both…not feeling great from too much beer, i mean the 5k, this weekend

  5. bsawkins says

    Good day for me today, for once…taking a break yesterday helped. 145×5, failed at 155 only pushed out the first and only got three at 150, so failed again, but still an increase on my PR for one rep, from way back when, so pleased…then 6.36rx on the mini-WOD. It hurt more than I thought it was going to. The second set of burpees was slow.

  6. Campbell says

    get used to it.

  7. 135 for 5 reps, PR.

  8. BS with Mr. Bostic (270 for 5) Amazing what a month off from heavy lifting will do to you.
    I then let Breeze and Bostic beat me at the met con so they would feel better about themselves.

  9. I thought JT would post the time to beat on the metcon, but there has already been 4 or 5 of us to knock him off…..with Bostic holding the #1 spot.

  10. JT…”train to not suck at life!”

  11. Bostic, check ur bag and see if ur missing a five finger shoe. If so I think we saw it in the middle of hembree rd!

  12. Nope they were still on my feet when I walked in my house. Come on boys yall are being a little hard on poor J.T! G-Dog good job on the BS I’ve managed to drop lots of strength in that lift.

  13. An absolutely terrible showing at lunchtime for me today. i think i’ll be coming back in this afternoon to do it again. Bostic sucks at rowing, but i’m not surprised he beat me. GDog is just ugly and i can’t be seen losing to that. I can’t lose to Brad or Campbell either because they just aren’t athletic.
    It’s like I’m in a bad dream or something. Maybe I should start taking steroids.

  14. Listen RED… ever look in the mirror. You are banned from our pool until you get a tan. You apparently blinded some kids and were causing traffic issues on 400 when the sun reflected off of your body.
    You are just upset because guys a decade older than you HAMMERED you today.

  15. “Hammered” unfortunate choice of words there.

  16. Stringer says

    205 sp and 6:30 rx metcon

  17. Press 98 x 5 and 100 x 4.
    Did a good metcon with Bostic
    21 OHS 135/95
    7 power cleans 135/95
    30 du
    15 OHS
    15 power cleans
    30 du
    9 OHS
    9 power cleans
    30 du
    11 something RX.

  18. PS. Nice press DIane!