Big EdIt's good to see Big Ed working out again!

5 Rounds:

50 Ft OH Walking Lunges (45,25)(One room length)

1 Rope Climb  (Sub 10 pull ups)

20 GHD Sit Ups

30 Double Unders

Post time to comments.


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  1. Fun workout!

  2. Looks awesome!

  3. I can hear Christine mocking me now”oohhh fun work out hugh?”
    This was so tough for me today. Probably the combo of an inconsistent couple weeks and taking antibiotics didn’t help but at it’s done and I enjoyed wodding with Meatball who can kill some rope climbs.
    I did three partial climbs and then changed to pull ups. I slide down more than go up. I look like an inchworm stuck in one place!
    See ya tomorrow.

  4. mastered the rope climb today…..thanks britt for your help with my feet….BIG help…:) able to RX the workout at 24:49rx….I am okay with that…..need to get better at my double unders….missed jacklyn and ben today….but enjoyed the lunchtime crew very much….happy with my workout today…see everyone tomorrow at lunch…

  5. Brittany sulcer is a beast! She beat me by 40 seconds! Ghds were slow. 15:43rx

  6. Wow great job ladies! I need a do over! Felt slow today

  7. Missed you too HAGS. Just slammed at work and working on getting into a new routine with the baby being in school now. Be in Thursday. (Glad to see you’re hitting hard!!!).