Tuesday – Happy Birthday Christy Trego!

Like mother like son.

Three Rounds:

30 m burpee broad jumps

30m reverse walking lunges


15 Sit Ups

Post time to comments.  Please bring gloves and wear pants if you are coming to the early class as we will be outside.  



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  1. Why is no one blogging today?
    Make sure you come to the gym today…Baxter is visiting and he loves seeing your smiling faces:)

  2. When I first looked at the WOD on my phone today, I thought it said 30 burpee broad jumps (instead of 30m), and I thought ‘surely Satan is making up the WOD today’. Good to know that’s just some other days.

  3. Happy Birthday Christy Trego!
    Nice lifts today Bostic and Pebbles

  4. Great job to Stacy tonight on getting an Rx on the WOD!

  5. Not only was Baxter visiting yesterday but “Ms. Pixie” was in with her bling and pink bell. Too cute!!!