Tuesday-Happy Birthday GDog!

DSC_0004This pic of Sammy is only posted because of his kids.

AMRAP 2 Min:  Double Unders


  • 1 x Deadlift (185 / 125#) (Scaled: 135,95) 
  • 2 x Push-ups (Chest must touch, thighs may not)
  • Increase by 1 DL and 2 Push-ups each round.  If you fail to complete a round, back down one level and finish out the 20 minutes at that level
  • (wod courtesy of Sealfit)

Post reps to comments.


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  1. And a pic on G’s Birthday nonetheless! What is this world coming to?
    Happy birthday G…hope it is a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday G – 21 again eh?
    And a picture of Sammy to boot, wonders never cease.

  3. Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!!!

  4. My gosh my tri-ceps hurt. 4 push in a row never have become so hard. Got thru the 6/12 then had to start going back down. Only b/c of the push ups and NO THIGHS TOUCHING THE FLOOR whew!, deads are easy. 104 DUs. Hagler you will rock this!
    See ya in the am.

  5. Ohhhh, so it was a Seal WOD??? No wonder it was so brutal . . . . Good to see Kevin back:) And Jerry:) And Buzz:) And Doc . . . . oh wait, no not Doc . . . .

  6. Happy bday G dog…:) FUN FUN FUN…loved this WOD…almost got to 9 but only got 8/16rx….ended up on 4/8….at first I was like NO PROBLEM…..THEN….the recovery time got shorter and shorter…..still loved the workout..my favorite WOD this month!!! Jacklyn finally broke OUT of her comfort zone…the corner…and was right in the MIDDLE of the group….5/10rx for her…great job jacklyn….don’t forget …8:30 am tomorrow…..hope the 8:30 crew doesn’t mind…Jacklyn and I are crashing that party tomorrow…hope WE can keep up…!!! Good crowd at gym all morning…..GREAT SWEAT….sorry to miss the lunch crowd tomorrow…have to work double at restaurant…looking forward to 8;30 am tomorrow….great work today everyone…!!! Also…Britt…130 doubleunders….she’s the newest BADUMF!!!!!