Today is the LAST day to order a shirt!

_DSC0013 Sniper gets her chin over the bar.

Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Check out these hands!  Stacy Hartman and Mark Demis both did their first Rx pull up WOD yesterday!

_DSC0011  _DSC0005

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  1. Good. Overhead squats are great to improve snatches. See ya at 8:30. Bringing G-dog and R-pup.

  2. PS. Yay! Stacy and Mark. Ryan says you need a batman band-aid.

  3. Austin McLean says

    Haha and stacy thought her hands did not look that bad on the camera.
    Will be there at 12:30, gonna see if my body wants to do OHS’s.

  4. Pebbles – R-pup is pretty darn cute!
    Whoever wants the tape grip/hand article, email me at and I’ll send it to you.

  5. queenfleen says

    Oh, That Guy, I shall miss you so! If you need anyone to make you cookies, or take you down a peg or two, just blog at CFRX…I got’chu!
    Good luck!

  6. i did not realize how addicted i am to checking this site until fulton county schools temporarily blocked my access to it. i went into panic mode, a little bit.
    those hands look beautiful πŸ™‚
    hey kamilah, where are you?

  7. Great job 8:30 crew. Nice to work out with Pebbles today. Great 125 OHS.
    Brad was actually nice today. It was such a surprise. Hope it stays that way.

  8. Austin
    Wanted to wish you the absolute best of luck. I respect what you are doing and think that it is a noble thing to want to be a part of something that keeps us all free. You will come back a changed man and we all look forward to you coming back from your eventual tours of duty safe.
    In the meantime we will all try and take over your numbers and wipe your name off the board. May take some time but will be fun trying.

  9. I’m liking heavy OHS. First time today doing heavy OHS. Not a shock to anyone that I liked this WOD…It is heavy and overhead…my thing.
    Hagler…….R-pup had soooo much fun with you. Thanks. He loved boxing with the gloves on and coloring.I just paid his first month tuition for pre-k next fall. Tuesday thru Friday 9 to 1. I will miss him :(. I think I will spend even more time in the gum though.
    Good luck everyone with the WOD. OHS can be tricky.

  10. So I completely planned on being there at 12:30 today. My truck, on the other hand, had other plans. Instead, I ended up spending the time I would have been doing OHS sitting in the Krystal parking lot waiting for AAA. (Yes, it broke down on the way to the workout. Still don’t know what’s wrong, they’re towing it to the shop now).
    Since I won’t get to see you today, Austin, I just wanted to say good luck at OCS and, like Gdog said, we look forward to seeing you back at CFNF in the future, in one piece. However, unfortunately I won’t be one of the people knocking your name off the board (slight issue of having male/female for each workout), but will definitely cheer the other guys on in beating your scores πŸ˜‰

  11. Austin, I’m glad I was there at 12:30 to hug you goodbye! I’m happy for you! I look forward to your visits! Maybe you’ll have more ink by then…
    Pebbles, you’re a beast! OHS 125lbs! You rock!

  12. Austin McLean says

    I just want to say a final goodbye to everyone! Gonna run a few final errands and then be heading towards the hotel at 5ish. Everyone has been so awesome to me at CFNF and I am so glad to be apart of our little community. Thank you and thanks for the wishes!
    And you will bet I will have some more ink πŸ™‚
    Love Y’all,

  13. Hey y’all…
    Just wanted to thank y’all for the hospitality when I was in town the other week. I enjoyed killing myself with all y’all.
    From those pictures it looks like y’all are doing some serious work up there, keep it up!!!
    For those of y’all that haven’t joined in on y’alls ZONE CHALLENGE, I encourage you to do so! I got it started up again over the break and feel about 10 times better then I have in a long time. For some of you that have been really competitive for awhile in crossfit, the zone is truly the way to take yourself to the next step!
    Hope all is well!

  14. GND, go to You’ll be able to get on any website that’s been blocked if you use that website.

  15. Mr. D.J – what do you do if is blocked? πŸ™‚ I have to go a round about way to get to CFNF because my company blocks it also. I guess they want me working – go figure.

  16. Peggy,
    You can try these as well
    Or you can go here and type in the website you want in the box in the upper left and it will pick a random proxy website to use. If were work has an anal IT department, they will have a lot of proxies blocked.

  17. thanks mr. dj! unfortunately i think fulton county’s board of education is about as anal as they come, so i am out of luck. thankfully i can get on our site now, but they have successfully blocked facebook…
    see y’all at 6:30.

  18. Austin, good luck with the Army!
    Craig, great job today!
    Trey, Brian Teague says hi to Dutch.