Thursday WOD



Two rounds, of each couplet, for time of:
750 meter Row
20 Handstand Push-ups-head to floor

115/80 pound Thruster, 20 reps
20 L-Pull-ups-arms must be fully extended before release of the "L"

Post time to comments.

Check out today's spreadsheet.  The Vice is in the lead at 139 to 138!

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  1. This one looks….ummmm…fun. I’ll be in with my sore ass arms and back to attempt this one tomorrow. I expect to see all of my Pimps in the gym tomorrow. Remember rule #1 is to show up. Oh and can we please not forget rule #3, we need to beat the Vice Squad!!!!!

  2. Way to go Team Vice! Great participation today. However, the degenerates still had one more person than we did. But I’m not complaining. 18 versus 17 participants is great for both sides. Now get ur arses in the gym these last 3 days!
    We had a great time tonight at Cans! There were about 12 of us there. We are thinking abt making every Wed evening a CFNF night out on the town.

  3. Holy crap! What’s up with these brutal WODs? As much I am a stickler for following the HQ site, sometimes the smart thing to do is to maybe do a different WOD.
    I’m just saying.

  4. Had a great time tonight at Cans with the CFNF crew. It will take me some time to shake off the “special” hug that Nitro gave me though.
    I know everyone’s arms and shoulders are fried, but pop some pills, drink your juice and haul your ass in. We need that participation bonus. Let’s shut the limp pimps down.

  5. Warning (Miguel)…THIS WOD INDUCES TOURRETT’s. I heard it this am.
    BIG SHOUT out to Peaches. The only thing between her and a big fat Rx was 15lbs on thrusters. ALL Rx L pull ups and ALL Rx HSPU. NICE!!!!
    The 6am class busted there a$$. Nice L negatives Robin and way to go with the Rx thrusters Kevin. Doc, you said you were going to run home but you stayed and stuck it out.
    See you guys tonight. I am on day 7 and this will be a rest day for me.
    PS. Nice job on the WOD yesterday Pistol. 15 min. is sweeeeettt!!
    AND MEatball…WTG. You basically tied me and Big Ed. Well done.

  6. meatball = man traps

  7. Good Lord, ED! Is the word “content” in your vocabulary?! I mean, HSPUs are right up your alley. Too bad “colonoscopy” isn’t part of the WOD today.
    I’m just saying. πŸ™‚

  8. I like this.

  9. Are you ever happy BIG ed? Change the wod…you bitch…, leave the wod…you bitch. I’m just saying!

  10. Peggalicious says


  11. Xena + i also had a blast @ cans.
    fun group.
    Miquel, learned that hug from Bam-Bam.
    just until you get one from him.
    and he’ll pick you up and shake you a little.
    sorry i couldn’t do the WOD today.
    my mind said yes, my back says no.
    will blow it out tomorrow tho.
    shooting to at least place in the top 3.
    then my life will be complete.
    PS: all you chicks looked hot last night @ Cans.
    you too Big E.
    nitro (the i heart crossfit NF) bomb

  12. cans was a blast last night.
    i’m going to ask a huge favor of anyone who might be near webb bridge middle school in the next few hours (before 1 pm). i will reimburse you 150% for a lunch you bring me. any takers?

  13. What do u want. Ryan and I ate headed to the park.
    You may need to call me. I need to know where it is
    678 925 1669

  14. I sent you some lunch in the interoffice mail and, given the cost-reduction measures of the FCBOE, it will go out tomorrow and you’ll get it next Wednesday. Srsly.

  15. Its the steriods in the chicken

  16. Wow that wod was easier than it looked! Seriously. Felt good to lift heavy-ish today. Great job, Breeze, who smoked me and Hagler, who did strict L’s and 80lb thrusters! Nice! Peaches came in this morning? Sorry I missed her.

  17. seriously! could any of us ask for a better group of people to surround ourselves with everyday? pebbles… you are so nice to come bring katie lunch!! it was great seeing you in our environment outside of the gym!

  18. Won’t be in today. Family stuff for my little bro’s graduation tomorrow. I know… I feel like I’ve been so slack on this challenge! I’ll be back in Saturday… with some members of my family that “just have to see what this crazy gym is you [I] go to!” Should be interesting!

  19. pebbles is the BEST! thanks for saving me from starvation πŸ™‚

  20. your welcome. Easy rquest to fill really. Ryan
    Enjoyed walking thru the school and we probably heard about
    300 aaawwwwwws. ” he is so cute”. If only huey saw him at hbe playground
    Minutes before in a full blown tantrum!
    Good to see you guys too. It was mice to see
    You at school and not, pushing, pulling , lifting ur
    Jumping over anything!!!

  21. Sorry for all typos. IPhone challenged.

  22. Was yesterday’s post count a new record? heh, 69.

  23. I actually enjoyed this workout… I couldn’t dip my head far down enough on handstand push ups but my balance was good..but everything else rx..I really wanted to took me 35 minutes and 33 seconds. Getting closer on those HSPU’s…damn it. The L-pullups were challenging in a good way..I enjoyed working out with Pistol, Breeze, and Simone..BUT I was the ONLY vice squad member at 11:30 today.. hope to see more vice squad faces tonight..

  24. I think it was Miguel…seems as though everyone is “posted” out today though.

  25. way to go Hagler. Nice job.

  26. nuh uh

  27. Anna, Breeze… up yours! You are both communist sympathizers and just plain un-American.

  28. The WOD is one of the most difficult workouts I have done at CFNF. The couplet programming was a nice change of pace from the regular straight set of exercise. The workout is very similar to stuff I have seen on Gym Jones.
    Ed, you bite your tongue calling Brad and Anna communist. Brad is as American as Wrangler Jeans and Anna, well, she is American as Coca Cola.
    Great job to everyone at the 530 session.

  29. Good job to everyone who did this WOD today. It was just brutal.
    I had a hard time with the thrusters after yesterdays WOD. That being said, I have to take tomorrow off. But I will be back to try and win some points on Saturday. I still expect to see as many Pimps in the gym tomorrow as possible.
    We’re still kicking Vice’s ass in participation.
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Vice.

  30. As much as I dislike Anna, and Brad –these are pretty serious accusations, Ed. I suggest you bring it up to your local neighborhood watch captain. He should be able to contact the appropriate authorities and conduct a full investigation.
    If your suspicions are correct, then that would explain a lot about their errant behavior.

  31. Vice, good job on fighting the good fight today. No one wanted to be there doing this tough WOD, but we came in and did what we had to do.
    Big Props to BigE, Andy, Peggy, Hagler, Peaches and Jonah for getting us extra points today!
    I’ll be there tomorrow morning @ 7:00 in much pain I suspect.

  32. That last post was miguel’s.
    Martine has compromised my computer.

  33. Hey Rainman, if you were sucking up to Brad anymore you would be on your knees. Now shut your mouth and go get get me a juice-box sissy-boy.
    I’m not sure, but I think I just saw some of my teammates at Durty Kelly’s.

  34. It’s my computer. So stay off of it. Biatch.