Thursday WOD


Congratulations Spider for getting your first & second muscle up yesterday!  We have some folks that are so close to that muscle up.  Maybe spider can give some tips on the blog today as to what helped him get there.  ATTN:  The registration page is up for the Fight Gone Bad in Fulton on September 13th, Register Now!


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

In your warm ups today work on a skill.  Post time to comments.

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  1. Awesome job Spidey!

  2. What will be the male RX weights for the Fight Gone Bad challenge? Thanks!

  3. spidey man…spidey man,
    did a muscle up and did again
    look out, here comes the spidey man!
    Awesome job on the mu!

  4. Woohoo Spider! Glad I was there to witness it – you did awesome.

  5. Congrats Spidey…
    Great to see you back Sammy!
    Thanks for partnering up with me Breeze….
    (even though you HAD to show off with a PR on your DU’s!!! 🙂
    Have some fun today everybody…

  6. Thanks for the praise everyone – as Breeze and Sammy said – “it’s about time!”
    Pistol – as far as tips – first, get Breeze to start yelling at you. Then, play some Alice In Chains. For me, I had to get the backwards kick as the first move before kipping, make sure my elbows were in, and then pull my upper body forward (thanks Austin). Oh, and yeah, doing CrossFit with Breeze and Pistol for the last 10 months!

  7. And maybe owing $100 to Nick? (Sorry Nick, we made a bet yesterday that whoever got the MU first between you and Spidey owed the other $100 – Spider said cash will be fine.)

  8. We actually pay money for this pain!! I am so sore from yesterday!!! If today is rest day does that mean I have to do wallball tomorrow? I know the answer, I am just whining, as usual!!

  9. I wish I would have been there for that, though I would have probably freaked out and jumped on you in excitment, probably injured you somehow, and I would have felt bad, so…glad/sad i was not there for it. But I digress, congrats man, you now have a whole nother (is that even english??) level of pain you have to endure during many a workout.
    Will be back in atlanta on the 21st, got to go to a wedding on the 23rd, then gonna do some hiking till the 29th…my birthday which will involve some lovely drinking hopefully…then after a day of recovery it will be back in the gym on the 31st or 1st. Looking forward to workin out with everyone again whether you want me or not 🙂
    Not looking forward to Karen today, Brad my time will be 1 minute less than yours, and with a 20 lb ball…

  10. sounds like a challenge from Austin. My $ is on Breeze. P.S.. We have big heavy balls now at CFNF!

  11. Great job spider! Austin’s 1st comment is gross, if I was there I would have given you the fist and then would have blown if up. Unilike Austin I don’t jump on dudes.
    Those MU’s are really hard so great achievement!

  12. OK, am I an idiot?! (don’t everyone respond to that)
    On yesterday’s WOD, I did 21 reps on each arm for all 3 sets – I just looked at the workout again, and it said 21, 15, 9. So I’m thinking I totally did way more than I was supposed to! Was I just supposed to do 21, 15, 9, or did you have it different on the board at the gym?

  13. hahaha thank you gdog for making my congrats seem like a homosexual act.
    will be at the gym at around 4 or 5. will post time when i get back here.

  14. “WE HAVE BIG HEAVY BALLS NOW AT CFNF” – Pistol’s prior posting. Well okay; who did the weighing?

  15. Sorry – that was actually a comment by Pebbles.

  16. hahaha Charlie. That was me. No need to weigh! 14# and 20# I hear!