Thursday – Rest Day


Peace Out..

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  1. Hmmm…what can we start up about Brad today??? Anyone?

  2. My rest day and I sooooo need it!
    To all those who worked out with Brad today, that is IF he worked out. (Ya know, all that dancing may have worn him out) Keep in mind, that IT IS HARD TO BEAT A PICKLED EGG!!

  3. For those that may have missed Brad’s celebratory dance…click on link below. It is safe (created by officemax)

  4. I clearly think that all of this Brad bashing needs to stop. The elf was great and I can’t wait to use it on others, but I have noticed that all of the women seem to bash Brad. I have been sucked into this and I now feel it is time to align myself with the men on this site.
    Today’s work out was great and the women have no excuses this time. 377 is the mark to beat as well as 40 double unders in 1 minute.
    Who is up for the challenge…Ladies?????
    Brad I am starting to think that this bashing may actually be crushes that these women have on you.

  5. Thank you Ann for scoring a 443 this morning. Poor Garrett, shoulda waited until everybody had a turn before you start braggin. I’m just sayin!

  6. ouch. I always put my money on Ann. I would bet blind with Ann. I’m just sayin…

  7. Brad can’t count…. I am making him use the “clicker” when I do this!