Thursday – Happy Birthday Jan!

AMRAP 20 Minutes: 

5 Med Ball Cleans
10 Pistols
15 Double unders

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. Would rather give blood than do this WOD.
    Headed to Tampa to take Ryan to see his first Yankee game. Some day Ryan will be playing for the Yankees. See his skills below.

  2. That would be the only way I would ever pull for the Yankees!

  3. Anyone planning to participate in the Garage Games Affiliate challenge on 4/17? My wife Carin is on one of their teams…a house divided. If y’all want to put a team together, I’m in on the running & bodyweight events, but won’t be much help on the heavy, overhead stuff.

  4. Looks fun, I might be up for it…have to wait until I hear from Dallas, though, in case I end up having to go out of town that weekend. Should know soon!

  5. Keelow if you do this I really really hope that you get to do that short, flat jaunt through the woods…

  6. Join me… you handle the overhead stuff, I’ll run and do shitloads of pullups and situps!! Surely we can get a couple of ladies to sign up…

  7. I’m in. I’d love to do it with you.