Thursday – Day 18 HSPU!

DSC_0025 HQ Rest Day.

On the minute every minute as long as you are able for 20 min:

Once you fail go back down by 1 until you find a number you can ride out the 20 min.

1 Deadlift: 2 Hand Release Push Ups  (185/125)

2 Deadlifts: 4 Hand Release Push Ups



The Bracketology Challenge is coming next week!  Registration is full!  Please pay your $5 by Friday if you want to compete!   This is a 2 week two person team challenge.  Your teammate will be randomly selected from a fish bowl.  

There will be three workouts a week with two days to complete each wod.  Your teammate and/or competition does not have to compete at the same time as long as it is in within the two day specified period.  There will be Rx'd, Intermediate & Beginners weights that will be decided by the trainers.  We will follow the March Madness Bracket (winners & losers bracket) format until we have a winning team!  Lots of great prizes for the winners!  

Sunday Evening:  WOD #1 announced (this is the seeding WOD, teams will be seeded 1-16)

Monday-Tuesday:  WOD must be completed

Tuesday Evening:  WOD #2 announced

Wednesday-Thursday:  WOD must be completed

Thursday Evening:  WOD #3 announced

Friday-Saturday:  WOD must be completed


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  1. When do we get our teammate?

  2. Soon

  3. Teams are drawn. If you want to know who your teammate is pay up! If you’ve already paid….text me. Whomever got stuck with G-dog, the trade deadline ends at 6pm tonite!

  4. The young lady who is teamed up with me should……
    1. Consider herself lucky
    2. Be a good actress
    Cuz you never know when G-dog productions will decide to make a video

  5. I’m scared . . . .

  6. i have my 5 bones and I will be by this afternoon…bring it!

  7. No worries…you didn’t get stuck with G-dog

  8. I’ll have my 5$ for you tomorrow as today is a rest day. Looking forward to it.

  9. Ben I really think you should stop being a slack…

  10. Lunch time!!! You all did great.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of the challenge.
    Blake thanks for the best compliment ever!!! today.
    CFNF is the best medicine to increase self esteem.
    See everyone at Friday.

  11. I got lil Blake. Talk about pressure. He’s gonna kick my A$$ to do well!

  12. I would be your partner..but only if you wore those cool glasses I saw you in today. Plus we would have to wear our crossfit scaled shirts to promote our gym!

  13. Now Xena, I hope you being scared doesn’t have anything to do with being teamed with me!
    Let’s take this thing!

  14. Blake was throwing out some compliments today for sure….I got a few myself…..he needs to come to Lunchtime classes MORE OFTEN!!!!! Damn Shubert!!!…:)

  15. Spider….No Freeballing…:)

  16. Too late.

  17. who’s the lucky gal that I partnered with? I hope it’s G-Dog because she’ll kill the scaled division

  18. Are you kidding? G-Dog would get killed in the scaled division!

  19. LOL, I know, it’s bad isn’t it?

  20. You and me Sammy! Domination! . . . . still a little scared . .. . not gonna lie . . . .