Great job to all the competitors last night!  

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD: trainer's choice.

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  1. Where is everyone this morning!? This is a fun workout!

  2. What is it?

  3. A$$ n’ Abs Annie!
    Walking Lunges

  4. Stacy, I’d like to do it with Double Unders if that’s okay? Now that I’m able to do them, I want to start doing them as part of WODs to get better. If that’s okay.

  5. That’s perfectly fine Andy! Way to go on the Double Unders!

  6. Shoutout to the lunchtime crew. Thanks to our most cooperative coach Caswell who allowed us to pick our pain (or pleasure depending on your taste).

  7. Jacklyn…just want you to know that I did the ALT WOD tonight after my client….my form on my squat cleans needs some work so I dropped the weight to 75…so… 5 squat cleans( 75 pounds) …10 kb swings( 35 pounds)…and 15 burpees …5 rounds = 15 minutes and 43 seconds…so as promised….got 4 workouts in this week…..see u tomorrow at lunch….sorry I missed my boys at Lunch today…great times on that ALT WOD……just a quick shout out to my personal client…Betty…she did 50-40-30-20-10…squats,walking lunges, and sit ups in 22 minutes and some change…also a PR on her shoulder press, push press, and push jerk by 12 pounds!!!! so proud!!

  8. Great job Hags. See you @lunch. Go Betty!!!