Nice PR, LA! 

100 Double Unders
25 OHS (95,65)
500 m row
20 TGU
25 Burpees
20 Wall Ball 2fers

One round for time.

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  1. I’m having CF withdrawals…this work stuff is getting in the way. FML
    Last night I dreamt of doing snatches.

  2. What is a TGU? My plans are FUBAR’d today…seems MGMT thinks a lunchtime meeting is more important than working out. Boooo.
    I guess yesterday’s WOD w/Stringer, Jonathan and Campbell will have to do for today.

  3. Fun hitting the 6 AM class today…I hate that I will miss Grace tomorrow, for sure making it up next week though! Have a good weekend, see yall Monday.

  4. Did we ever find out what Brad was doing in the picture posted yesterday????

  5. Kim asked me if that was hard and I said “yes”. I think if she had not asked me with in 45 seconds of finishing I would have said no.
    Cool WOD. I like the different stuff.Everything seems a little tougher after 100 DU’s. 2fers are a challenge.
    I did not find out what B-rad was doing in the pic. I’m sure he will have a good answer for us later.

  6. I’m gonna tell it like it is. That WOD was terrible. Just terrible. Can’t wait for Grace after a day like today.

  7. Thank you “Charles!”

  8. 14:54. Nice when you have someone to push you. Bring on that B&%$H GRACE!!!

  9. Turkish Get up. You never want to do it. Avoid CFNF when it comes up

  10. Gdog- Did you only do half of the workout? I kinda liked the WOD but I think it was the great lunch-time crowd that was there today doing it with me!!!!

  11. also 17 something RX.

  12. I do TGU with the coordination of a beached whale!