DSC_0066This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. Rainy Monday! BUT get in and work out anyway. Fun work out today. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for being a great partner Hawe!

  2. Hey Pebbles what is the work out?

  3. nice picture scruffy! we’ve all felt the way you look 🙂 and a belated congrats to all those who went to/placed at the challenge this saturday. way to represent CFNF!
    cannot WAIT to be back in the gym today.

  4. Lots of fun, morning crew! J-Po you were killin’ those box jumps! Again, I say you are an inspiration.
    And Andy, here’s a hint: think FGB:)

  5. Hey Andy,
    it’s the Texas hold em ( or the work out with
    box jumps
    wall balls 20/14
    push press 75/55
    SDLHP 75/55
    it was really good !

  6. Our WOD today is FGB oriented to prepare us for the workout on September 26th. On September 26th all the CrossFit Affiliates in the world will be holding this WOD and asking for donations to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes for a Cure Charities. If you would like to make a donation click on the top left link and you will be directed to our page. There is also a downloadable (is that a word?) tax expemption form available at http://www.fgb4.org. Thanks so much for your support! P.S. NNDan, you signed up and started your own team!

  7. sounds good. thanks.

  8. I was wondering if we were going to do FGB. Is there a way to join and raise money for a CFNF team? I’m interested in helping.

  9. Awww man! I don’t wanna be out here by myself!! It’s lonely out here!! When I registered last night I selected CFNF as the team. Can’t I hang out with you guys and be cool!!!

  10. I’m confused. I thought that we signed up under our affiliate team and then did our own fundraising for the team. I want the shirt you get when you raise $150.

  11. I’m confused too! I’ll check it out.

  12. Allen, you can click on the link at the top/left to make a donation. It should take you directly to our page. Thanks for your support!

  13. Garrett, did you put something in Pebble’s coffee this morning? I swear she pulled a Big Ed on me! Her mouth just kept moving. I don’t know what she was sayin but it just kept moving! Glad to have her back in the gym!

  14. Amy does that to people!! She confuses me all the time!!

  15. Hey Pistol, I really don’t talk that much. You are the only one that thinks that about me.
    Great job to Sammy and Spider! They smoked this WOD!

  16. bwa ha ha ha!

  17. I always talk a lot. But not about ME!

  18. MOrning Crew is always fun!! And thanks for the props Xena..I almost fell over the box once this am but brad made me jump again!
    You did Awesome on those box jumps as well…I think the bumpers you stacked up were the same height as the red box…now you have to get over that fear! I did so now it’s your turn:)

  19. Maybe she is still drunk she did go out with Peaches and I on Satuday!

  20. yea, probably would have blown RED on Hicky’s keychain.

  21. no challenge yet the smack talk continues. so much love in this club.

  22. Thanks.

  23. Smack is a place of mind and heart, not something simply stemmed by an event. Some call it “smack”…we nooners refer to it as “Swagga”
    Thanks for the props Big E….This workout was right up our alley…fun to have a partner like Spidey rather than competing against him!

  24. Hey everyone, there is a Crossfit Cert level 1 Jan. 9 and 10 of 2010 in Charlotte. It’s one of the first that isn’t sold out, and that is in the United States. I’m thinking of going, anyone interested in signing up and either carpooling? Charlotte is only about 3 hours by car, and the only other one on the East Coast in in West Palm, and that’s like 8 hours by car…

  25. Hey Scruff……..I blew this picture up and am putting on Garrett’s office wall!

  26. touche sammy touche