Today’s 4:30 class has been moved to 5:00 pm – This Sunday 9:00am has been canceled.

The Sunday 9:00am Class has been canceled for this week.DSC_0043 This is why I'm hot…..

HQ Rest Day.  CFNF Alt WOD:  "The Chief"

5 three minute AMRAP with 1 minute rest between each round of the following:

3 Power Clean  (135,95)
6 Push Ups (Chest to Floor – like actually touching the floor!)
9 Squats

Every rep counts.  Post totals to comments.  


11290 Houze Rd, Roswell, GA  30076.  Bring your favorite drink!

"Isabelle" by Glory Dawson – video [wmv] [mov] and David Lipson – video [wmv] [mov]

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  1. (Chest to Floor – like actually touching the floor!) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Thanks Pistol!

  2. Fun workout today!
    Nice to see Peaches this am…and as for the picture today WOW!!
    Great Job 6a!

  3. Pistol……you’re DED!!!!

  4. looks like you are trying to do the stanky leg…

  5. Sean CFNFT says

    HAHAHAHAHA…the hands on the hips crack me up!

  6. I am speechless!! Brad, I will never look at you the same again!!

  7. He is probably thinking he needs his legs shaved!

  8. Peggalicious says

    And this is why the women keep flocking to CFNF. That is one sexy pose Brad!

  9. Brad is definitely sexy but I don’t really see the “Stanky Leg”, I see more “I’m a Little Teapot”

  10. “I feel pretty, Oh so pretty, so pretty and witty and bright!!!”

  11. I don’t think there’s anything left to say.

  12. Man you just wear what all us guys want to wear to the gym.
    BTW I really enjoyed the lettuce wraps that we had the other day before we got our pedicures and Brazilian wax.
    Got Zima and Wine coolers for tomorrow night!!

  13. I agree. Brad that picture has totally discounted your badassness.
    Way to hustle 6am. Lot of people….lot of reps. Good work. Kevin and Don were RX machines. Jpo got 17 freakin rounds and Peaches wrestled 89lbs for an awesome work out.

  14. Hilarious!

  15. oh my bradleymuffinpeaches! I think you have just been neutered!

  16. Im sure that is bringing back nightmares for you Sean.

  17. I am so glad yall got your laugh in today. Thats ok because I just got done murdering “Fran,” I mean I just killed her! I didn’t have a stopwatch with me, but I know it was under a minute!
    Off to shave the legs….

  18. Sunday 9:00am has been canceled!

  19. i “like” this.

  20. THAT SHOULD GO ON THE RED WALL…….love the smile…I can’t believe he let you get that pic…Pistol..funny…hoping to see everyone at Wild bill’s tonight to REPRESENT!!!!

  21. austinmclean says

    I just threw up in my mouth

  22. lol!

  23. “The Chief” kicked my butt but it was fun! Great job 5:00 crew! Looking good Amy!!!
    Thanks Pebbles!!